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Innovative Solutions.

Creative Ideas.

Using state of the art technology, computer applications, and informational resources to assist in problem solving and data analysis, El-Gal Engineering provides a competitive advantage for our clients by determining the Best Value Solution in the design and manufacture of their products and services - whether you need a project-based or complete end-to-end solution..

Services Portfolio


New Product Development

New product development is a challenging and sometimes overwhelming process. In order to ensure success, it is imperative to work with a company that fully understands the process from start to finish. All aspects of new product development are crucial to the final output – from complete systems modeling, to the design of physical inputs and outputs, component packaging, architecture and layout, design of structures, mechanisms and manufacturability.


Mechanical Design Solutions

We have everything you need to help you along from conception to production. Our mechanical design services have helped many products rise from drawings and take form as viable production-ready prototypes.

From creating your device’s structure and mechanisms to creating a fully functioning prototype – we understand how important it is to meticulously arrange all aspects of the product development strategy so that your device works according to specifications and standards.



Product manufacturing is a systematic process. In order to create the most effective manufacturing strategy, all aspects of the process need to be managed by a team of engineering and professional experts.

We have all the right components in place to create tailor made solutions for our customers, whether manufacturing is conducted locally or abroad. Top industry standards are always met in quick, efficient and effective manner, even for the most complex of projects.

Turn-Key Complete Solution

In addition to our project-based solutions, El-Gal is equipped to provide complete end-to-end development, design and manufacturing solutions for its clients. Our multi-disciplinary capabilities are extensive and can provide innovative and cost-effective results for even the most complex needs. 

Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. Some clients may seek "incremental" improvement over time or "breakthrough" improvement all at once. Customer valued delivery processes are constantly evaluated and improved in the light of their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.

The main goals of the continuous improvement process are to:

  • Clearly define cross-functional roles and responsibilities for the continuous process improvement process

  • Create the right metrics that accurately measure process performance over time

  • Create efficient processes that are manageable and stable but that also allow for exception handling

  • Develop and identify systems that maximize output and that minimize duplication and waste


Maintaining high quality and low costs is crucial for manufacturing businesses – consulting on topics ranging from strategic decisions regarding setting up manufacturing operations, to specific production site and line improvement.

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