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We hold a number of innovative patents. To see more information about our patents, please see below.

Method and Apparatus for Substrate Stripping

Abstract: Methods and apparatus for stripping away portions of substrate are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a flexible and/or soft impact-element(s) rotates around a rotation axis to drive a peripheral portion across a substrate plane of the substrate and/or to repeatedly collide with the substrate. At least some of the collisions are effective to partially dislodge or to strip away portion(s) of substrate.

Self-cleaning ink supply systems

Abstract: In one embodiment, a method for controlling an ink supply system includes operating a pump of the ink supply system in a forward direction to supply ink from an ink reservoir to an ink tank, and subsequent to operating the pump in the forward direction, reversing the pump and operating the pump in a reverse direction to prevent or reduce formation of clogs within the ink supply system.

Printing apparatus

Abstract: A method and printing device of providing a customized drink and printing on a current drink through an ink-jet printer and computer programs can be configured to perform actions by instructions when executed by data processing apparatus.

Method and apparatus for building a 3d ojbect from layers of pre-stripped substrate

Abstract - Embodiments of the present invention relate to a system and method for manufacturing a three-dimensional object from a stack of pre-stripped layers of substrate. Each object layer is formed by (i) providing substrate comprising waste portion(s) and substrate-retained portion(s) that are attached to each other and separated from one another by cut(s) within the substrate; (ii) subsequently, subjecting the subject of each layer to a stripping process which selectively strips away substrate- waste portion(s) from the substrate -retained portion(s)

Feasibility Study

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